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W+B launches new identity
October 25, 2011
October 25, 2011Akron, Ohio — Winer+Bevilacqua, Inc. recently launched a new identity that better communicates its competitive advantages and dedication to its clients.
“Our firm has spent the past year critically looking in the mirror to determine who we are and what value we bring to our clients,” said Winer+Bevilacqua partner Frank Bevilacqua. “The result is our new identity, which reflects our renewed commitment to serving clients in a meaningful way.”
“We’ve been successfully serving the healthcare industry for over 30 years, but what we have to offer can benefit so many other industries,” said partner Ron Winer. “This new platform builds on our past successes and enables us to serve other realms of expertise. Clients from all kinds of industries will benefit from our tax knowledge, accounting support, IT consulting and more.”
Winer+Bevilacqua’s revitalized identity features a new logo comprised of four sections of a “plus” sign arranged to draw the eye upward and to the right — similar to how a chart showing profit would. The company name previously featured an ampersand connecting the surnames of the two founding partners, but has now been replaced with a plus sign that carries greater significance.
“It’s all about what we do for our clients and the value we add to their organizations,” said partner Michael Hoff. “We ‘plus’ businesses through options and sound financial strategies, as well as business owners’ ability to act upon the story their numbers tell.”
“There’s a lot of symbolism in this new identity,” said partner John Cassiday II. “The four sections of the logo represent our four service categories as well as the four quarters of the year. We’ve also challenged some conventional norms by using a hot color palette, which is a pretty bold statement in this industry.”
The new identity is also founded on the positioning statement Nothing Less, which acts as a promise to clients that what they receive is the best.
“The position statement underscores everything that we do,” Hoff said. “In essence, it keeps the firm moving because we want to live up to what it means. When you make that kind of a promise, you’ve got some serious responsibilities. Fortunately our team is up to that challenge.”
In celebration of its new identity, Winer+Bevilacqua have developed a new lecture series titled YOU+ that is designed to keep all those who attend informed about the latest trends and upcoming changes in a variety of industries.
“YOU+ is structured to advance financial understanding in a wide range of fields,” Bevilacqua said. “We’ll be covering professions like insurance, healthcare, accounting, taxation and more. It’s really a broad-level view of everything that’s happening in these areas and how these shifts or developments affect people in those industries.”
The first event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at Portage Country Club. John P. Susany of Stark & Knoll Co., L.P.A. will present on new regulations that make employee unionization easier. Tim Walters, CPCU, CIU, will present on upcoming healthcare reforms and long-term care benefits. Winer+Bevilacqua partner John Cassiday II will present on the Use Tax Amnesty Program. The event is free and starts with meet-and-greet networking at 5:30 p.m. Attendees are invited to stay after the presentations to ask questions. Those interested in attending may contact Cindy Latham at 330.867.3578.
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Winer+Bevilacqua is a proactive CPA firm in Northeastern Ohio with 30-plus years serving a variety of organizations through specialties in tax and accounting, information technology services, retirement plan services and business valuations. Winer+Bevilacqua “pluses” its clients’ businesses by minimizing tax burdens, providing options for management decision-making, streamlining IT, enhancing net cash and eliminating unwanted surprises.
By assuring nothing less than an absolute commitment to responsive, efficient and ongoing financial guidance, Winer+Bevilacqua “pluses” business owners’ ability to manage their organizations through options and sound financial strategies as well as their ability to act upon the story their numbers tell.
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