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Tax Scams Enter The Mail Stream
September 4, 2015
For nearly two years, criminals have been operating the largest tax scam in history -- posing as IRS agents through phone and email and threatening taxpayers with jail time if they do not quickly remit payment via pre-paid debit cards.
Taxpayers have begun to wise up to this scam, as the IRS has been diligently warning taxpayers that they will never send an email or call to discuss tax matters, but always contact taxpayers with a snail-mail letter.
So, tax criminals are now following IRS protocol and taxpayers have begun receiving official looking phony letters regarding overdue tax bills via snail mail and fax.
The IRS has confirmed that the tax scams have evolved; however, genuine IRS correspondence, even those about amounts the agency says you owe, never instruct you to send it or its agents payments via specific methods such as pre-paid debit cards. Initial written notices from the IRS also always give you time to respond to, or rebut, the agency's request for additional tax payment.
Please, if you have any questions about any of the correspondence you've received, contact Winer+Bevilacqua immediately at 330.867.3578.
The IRS requests anyone who receives suspicious phone calls or correspondence (written or electronic) to contact them at 800.829.1040.
If you contact the IRS and your letter is real, they will let you know and provide guidance on the legitimate steps you need to take.
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