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Evening with the Accountants
September 30, 2011
Akron, OhioSeptember 30, 2011 — On Tuesday, September 13, Winer+Bevilacqua, Inc. was among the many local accounting firms and private companies who attended the Evening with the Accountants event at the Quaker Square Station located at The University of Akron.
Evening with the Accountants gave students, graduates and alumni an opportunity to meet with prospective employers and gain additional information on internships, as well as engage in conversations with area professionals. Students assembled at the Quaker Square Station eager to speak to firms and private companies one-on-one and share their career goals and educational accomplishments.
“I’m looking for information about the area and learn more about the opportunities,” said University of Akron student Heidi Reed. “I am due to graduate in 2012 with 150 credits and sit for the CPA. I would like to get into public accounting and then go on from there.”
Winer+Bevilacqua partner John Cassiday II along with Brent Thompson, Kevin Kettering and Lisa Byder of W+B met with more than 200 accounting majors and alumni seeking real-world exposure in tax, auditing, accounting and related financial fields.
“We had a great time meeting these amazing accounting students,” Cassiday said. “There’s a lot of talent out there and it’s exciting to see all the new faces that will be entering the field.”
Accounting firms and private companies such as Sherwin Williams, Timken, Smuckers, Progressive and Goodyear used this event as an opportunity to introduce themselves to emerging University of Akron students, gain exposure and increase awareness of their organizations.
“Winer+Bevilacqua is just one of many firms in the region, but we’re the only one that promises nothing less than the best tax, accounting, retirement planning, IT and business valuation services,” Cassiday said. “This event was an excellent opportunity for us to seek new talent, hear some of their stories and offer professional advice.”
Winer+Bevilacqua would like to thank The University of Akron students who participated in the Starbucks and House of Hunan gift card drawing for Evening with the Accountants. The following students are the winners of the gift card giveaway: Matthew Fleck and Amanda Gubanez are both the winners of a $25 gift card to Starbucks and Kate Foulkes and Alexandra Rhodes are the winners of a $25 gift card to House of Hunan. Congratulations.
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